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jazz is now a codeword for sophistication & affluence.

Jazz fans are ahead of the curve, hip, insightful, creative. Jazz now possesses a prestige unprecedented in its long history.

This is why you hear constantly hear jazz at Starbucks and other higher end retail outlets. 

At the same time - jazz appeals to an ever growing large demographic. jazz's resurgence in pop culture is at an all time high.

Recent examples in the mainstream media such as crossover jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington's breakthrough success, along with pianist Robert Glasper (both of whom recorded on what will likely go down as a historic album, rapper Kendrick Lamar's "To pimp a butterfly"), 13 year old jazz piano prodigy joey alexander appearing on 60 minutes and being featured heavily in nearly every big press outlet, the miles davis, John Coltrane, chet baker biopics and jazz inspired films la la land & whiplash that were featured heavily in mainstream theaters, and the lady gaga/tony bennett collaboration album are proof of this.

But don't take my word for it - read award winning writer ted goia's analysis of the trend AT THE DAILY BEAST.

in an era where technology has made creating "music" just about as easy as making a sandwich, jazz musicians are creating extremely enjoyable, melodic, soulful, rhythmic, creative, yet complex music - LIVE, at the drop of a hat.

jazz is improvised music - created in the moment by the musicians and delivered in split second timing to the audience.

YOU CAN HARNESS THIS energy, spirit, identity, and association FOR YOUR BRAND.